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Description: is an arena based shooter game, with a similar idea to except you shoot one another, rather than just colliding (although colliding does also cause damage).
Each user controls a character’s face, that has a health bar which is affected by enemy fire. The characters glide around the top down view map, in a battle to become the largest face on the map, with the most kills topping the leaderboard.

In order to grow, which gives you an advantage over smaller users and a larger health bar, you must eat the remains of dead users. You can do this by killing them yourself, or by stealing the remains once another user has done the dirty work. has tons of different characters…

The characters have cute eyeballs that move based on the user’s mouse direction; this adds some character and the game has a variety of choices of appearance, such as Santa, Jesus or just a strange looking creature. If you want to avoid enemy fire, you can sprint and also turn on auto fire if you are lazy, although this is a fairly erratic way of shooting.

There are also dangerous obstacles such as exploding shapes and spinning razors. These can be used to your advantage if you attract another player into accidentally colliding with them.
If you like type games and shooter games then this will likely be great for you but would benefit from having more users per game and a mini map!


  • Mouse to aim/move.
  • Hold W or left click to fire.
  • Tap spacebar to dash
  • Hold spacebar to sprint
  • Press E to turn on/off autofire tips for

  • If you see an inactive player, turn on autofire (E key) and you’ll be able to kill them quickly and easily.
  • If you are near an exploding shape, collide with it to explode it and the explosion will hit others but not you.
  • Spinning razors give off food, so if you are careful near them, can be very rewarding.

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