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If you enjoy playing, you will love newcomer Biome3D. Like, this simple game involves a battle of wits and skills between you and other players through blobby avatars. Just in case you have somehow managed to miss one of the most popular current multiplayer games, you will need to swallow smaller blobs to grow larger and rise up the leaderboard. If you are familiar with, you may be thinking that this is a simple clone. You would be wrong.

The twist here is that you play Biome3D completely in the third dimension, it also has improved customization. You can change how you blob looks with a variety of skins.
The game itself is a surprisingly complex and difficult system of battle royal. With the constant danger of being eaten by a slow-moving Leviathan being weighed against the thrilling bloodlust towards those smaller than you, this game will fully engage you and leave you devastated once you have to face your inevitable end.


  • Your mouse is used to move around the map
  • Use either WASD or the arrow keys to move the camera ( this is essential for dodging incoming attacks!)
  • Use Spacebar to ‘split’ your blob (this sacrifices size for speed by creating two smaller blobs) tips for Biome3D:

  • Don’t try to combat other players until you are big enough and have the skills to survive. If you overestimate your size you can easily find yourself overcome by a slightly larger foe. Focus on the smaller and still blobs that populate the map, building yourself up slowly over time.
  • Use your ‘split’ ability carefully. It heavily weakens you in the short term, opening you up for attack from other players. Make sure to only use the ability once, splitting into two different blobs, and primarily to escape from near deadly situations.
  • Use the camera to your advantage. Move the camera around to make sure you are not about to have to dodge an attack from behind.

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