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Description: is a simple top down view soccer based game, where you play in one of two teams of real players. It’s called Bango because you bang into the ball to push it and into other players to push them out the way. To score, simply get the ball in the opponent’s goal area (be careful not to put it in your own however). The winner of the game is determined by who has the highest score at the end of the time limit (3 minutes). Unlike real soccer, there are no rules other than scoring. You can bang into other players as much as you wish!

Divide Up Your Teams Roles To Win In!

Each team has three players. Each player can do whatever they wish, but you may want to be a goalkeeper and defend, or be a free spirit and run all over the arena. Each player also has a boost level, which can be used for a quick dash or a longer boost, but will need recharging when the bar is empty. To recharge you need to move over the glowing circle lights on the pitch. They will not fully recharge, but enough so you can dash again.

This is a fun, time wasting game with a free spirit. But it’s hard to control your character, which can be funny or annoying depending on your mood!


  • Mouse – Aim to move
  • Hold left mouse – Boost
  • Right mouse OR C – Dash
  • X – Brake
  • F – Change camera style tips for :

  • Don’t use all your boost at the start in your attempts to get the ball first. It’s not worth it.
  • If you want to be a goalkeeper and save your team, use X (Brake) to stay in one spot until you need to move.
  • Login to social media to play with other friends.

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