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Astroe is a fast paced and exciting 2-D shooter game that sees the player take control of their own spaceship and battle in different game modes. They can play in satellite mode, where they are sorted into a team and have to compete to take control of 12 satellites in a sort of  capture-the-flag type game. Additionally, there is the option to play in free for all mode, which is where every player is against each other; no teams involved in this mode.

When the player decides which mode they want to participate in combat they will be taken to the battle arena. The battle arena is a great looking 2-dimensional galactic backdrop. On this battle arena, there are pieces of gold which players can pick up that the player can spend on enhancing their space fighter, in categories such as Blaster damage, Fire rate and much more. Additionally, there are also asteroids in the arena, and if the player can blow these asteroids up they will find a literal goldmine that they can utilize to improve their ship. Finally, there are also various pickups on the map such as health boosts.


  • Left click to fire
  • Right click/Space bar for main engines
  • Arrow keys or WASD for directional engines (you can use the mouse to direct also) tips for

  • Stock up on gold! This can help you improve your fighter.
  • Improve categories that you feel are the weakest.
  • Don’t be afraid to engage with others in shootouts.

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