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Description: is an archery-based multiplayer shooting game that also features a leveling system. Players do not need to pay to play this game and no registration is required. You just pick a name and are thrown into a cyber-punkish arena where for some reason you are shooting rabbits with some sort of digital bow. There are also the vital pickups(perks) scattered around the map. These include, freeze arrows, poison arrows, spray fire and lightning effect. These are essential as they can appear randomly but can save you in a fight vs a stronger player.

The bow has two attacks – a single click and release of the left mouse fires a weak shot but holding it down and releasing it “charges” it. A charged shot – as you can guess – does more damage. As you level up your character begins to show their rank by symbols appearing on their head.

Slay Rabbits Or Players – Or Both – in

There is really only two things to do in this game as it is quite simple – shoot rabbits or shoot players. The rabbits don’t require much thought so I will skip to talking about the players. There are not too many strategies given the lay of the land but one thing you can do and should be on the lookout for is bush ambushes. Basically, when you reach some strong levels in damage you camp in a bush where you cannot be seen. Then you wait for a player and when they get near fire a charged shot (ice shot perk if you have it first) and unload. Most times this will result in a kill.

Overall, is a good game for the genre. It is simple with enough customizations to make it replayable. After a few play throughs, you will develop a good strategy of which stats you should add to and at what point in your build.


  • Click your left mouse button to fire weak shot – hold and release left mouse button for a charged shot.
  • Move with WASD keys
  • Mouse point – Aim/spin
  • Right click – Special weapon (pick up) fire
  • 1-8 keys – Improve specific skill stat tips for

  • Always have a perk picked up and ready to go in case a player comes by.
  • Unless you are max leveled – never pass up a safe opportunity to get a rabbit kill. Gaining experience is critical.
  • Movement speed is very important in both the early and late game (running away + chasing). Make sure to spend some level points on it when you can.

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