Description: is one of the most talked about and certainly one of the most played games in the io space. This no signup required, simple to understand/hard to master game throws you right into the action as soon as you pick a username. You play the role of a blob/cell/ball who need to eat other blob/cell/balls. Sound easy enough? Well, hold on because you can only eat cells smaller than yourself and if you are paying attention that means you can be eaten by cells bigger than you! Dodging, splitting yourself up into a bunch of smaller cells, and hiding under virus cells are all but a few of the techniques you will need to master to make it to the top of the leaderboard.


  • Use your mouse to change the direction the cell moves in.
  • Use spacebar to split yourself into smaller cells (need to be big enough to do this)
  • Press W to spit some of your cell off tips for

  • Never split more than once, be careful and wait until your cell merges back into one cell before splitting again. Doing this right provides you with a good chance to grow quickly as you split towards other players and eat them before they can run away.
  • While you are still smaller than virus cells (non-moving spikey green cells) you can hide under them. Use this to your advantage as cells who are bigger than them will pop if they touch them, so run through them to use them as a barricade.
  • When you become very large other cells will spit into the virus cells to push them towards you to pop you. Be careful to stay as far from the virus cells as possible to prevent this.


  1. Yahel says:

    I WANT TO PLAY Slither

  2. Anonymous says:

    Make slither

  3. Anonymous says:

    ya make slither io

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